Rise Up Out of the Ashes of Your Past

19 Dec 2018


The BIG Question We Must Answer, Why?

As you create goals or things you want to do/accomplish in life, you will hit peaks of impossibility, where you feel like it’s not going to happen. You must ask yourself, Why? Why are you wanting to accomplish this goal?

The process of asking  yourself why and answering it helps you to get over despair and continue forward. 

The Pit/Valley

I know after accomplishing something that seemed impossible, you’re on a high but then all of the sudden we fall into the pit of despair. What? How could this happen are the questions that start running through your mind. You start feeling hopeless, frustrated, lost and confused so again, you must ask and answer why? Why are you doing this?

The more we can answer this question, “Why?” The faster we will be able to accomplish our goals because it will keep you focused on your task.

To many times, I’ve seen people stop progressing towards their goals and it’s always because their reason behind accomplishing their goal is weak. You will be challenged, facing peaks and valleys to prove you are worthy of your goal. 

You are in the process of learning self-mastery, managing your life so that you can accomplish whatever your mind dreams of. You are not setting goals to get stuff, getting stuff is not a big enough reason.

Never-Ending Climb

As you climb out of the pit of despair, you start climbing the hill of never ending. At this stage, you will feel like it’s forever off in the distance and you will never get it; however, ask yourself the question, Why?

The more you ask the question, Why, the faster you can achieve your dreams. To accomplish a goal, no matter what it is, you must take action, one small step at a time towards it and have a compelling why.

You can do it. You have what it takes to do what you want to do because you are amazing, believe it!

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