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23 Aug 2018
personal values

Values Foundation

Increase Your Personal Values – Build a Solid Foundation

How many times have your personal values been tested? Did you compromise your standards to please someone else or because you felt uncomfortable? Your values define who you are and what you stand for; they give you a foundation to build upon.

Your values help to identify who you are. The values you have chosen to follow are at the core of who you are. There are some values that you developed as you were growing up, maybe because of religion or family but do you believe in them?

To establish your values, you need to follow four steps:

Step 1 – What Are Your Values?

What are your personal values? How did you get them? What do they mean to you?

Step 2 – Define Your Values.

Now that you know the values you want to define them. Define exactly what that value means. What are you willing to do or not do?

Step 3 – Understand Your Values.

You’ve identified which values you wanted; defined them and now understand them. Understand why you want these values in your life? What will these values help you do?

Step 4 – Follow Your Personal Values.

Now that you’ve defined your value, and understand why you have established this value, follow it! The real test to see if something is one of your values or not is to follow it. If you’ve gone through this process to create your values, it is much easier to follow them. You are choosing to follow this standard, that you have set because you set it, not your church, family, friends or any external source. The rule you set is your standard from inside yourself.

Decide ahead of time, what your standards/values are so that you can follow them when you’re challenged. You may get tested by your boyfriend to do things that are against your values. If they are values based on others, you will not adhere to them like you would if you set them.

You’re stronger than you think, allow your values to guide you to happiness and joy.

If you need help identifying your standards and values, schedule an appointment for a one-on-one mentoring session so I can help you accomplish your goals, improve your self-esteem and gain more confidence.


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