Rise Up Out of the Ashes of Your Past

25 Jan 2018

Rewire Your Brain

Rewire Your Brain by Managing Your Negative Thoughts

How many negative thoughts do you have about yourself every day?

You have so many negative thoughts that pop up about yourself daily that it seems impossible to move forward. The struggle to manage these thoughts may seem like a daunting task and may create more stress, more anger, etc.

Once this stress starts to mount, the negative thoughts start flowing again. You repeat all of the thoughts that do not serve you and actually tear you down. These negative thoughts may be thoughts that you have had for years and years.

Your Current Story

You may not realize how you are pushing play on a recorder in your brain that is playing over and over. This negative story is what your brain is used to and so now it’s time to rewrite that story to be the story you want.

I want you to grab a piece of paper and turn it vertically so that the paper is like a standard notebook. Down the center of the paper, draw a line vertically from the very top to the very bottom. Next draw a line that goes horizontally from left to right, when it’s complete it’s going to look like a lowercase, ‘T’.

In the top left portion of the, ‘T’, in the blank space, write the word positive and on the top right portion of the, ‘T’, in the blank space write the word negative. Now pay attention to the negative thoughts you’re having and write 5 of them in the negative column of the paper, write exactly what you’re thinking.

You may have thoughts like this, “I’m dumb. Nobody likes me. I can’t do anything right. I am unlovable. I’m a waste, write 5”

Rewrite the Story

On the opposite side of the paper, in the positive column, you’re going to write the exact opposite of what it says. If the negative thought is, “I’m dumb.” You will rewrite this to be, “I’m smart.” The next thing you will do is take it to the next level and add a characteristic about yourself. Then the full sentence would look something like this:

‘I’m smart and I have blue eyes.’

You want to rewrite each negative statement.

Tear It Up!

After you have rewritten all of those negative thoughts, you are going to tear the sheet down the center from top to bottom. You will have the negative thoughts in one hand and the positive thoughts in the other. You want to keep your positive thoughts and tear up the negative thoughts. This is your opportunity to destroy those negative thoughts and enjoy it.

As you are tearing up the negative thoughts tell yourself,

“I’m letting these thoughts go. I’m getting rid of them. This is not my story any longer.”

The Real Story

You have just removed the negative thoughts they are in the trash or destroyed somehow good job. Now the fun part, read your positive paper over and over every morning and every night. You are now starting to connect new neural pathways and rewrite your story.

Your real story will read something like this:

“I am smart and I have blue eyes. I’m loved and I like my hair. I accomplish a lot and I have two arms. I am lovable and I am strong. I am valuable and I sing well.”

Notice the new story and how powerful it is; this is the true story. With this new story, you read it every morning and night. If you have a phone take a picture of it so you can read it throughout the day. Your new story will start to connect throughout your brain and then into your body.


The process of rewriting your story is an ongoing process because we are creators and our story never ends. You will have negative thoughts pop up in your head, don’t push them down, repeat this exercise; change the story. Now take your positive story and discover how to get rid of negative emotions

You’re amazing. You really are. Thank you for reading this and discovering a new way of thinking and your real story.

I would like to invite you to share this with family and friends. You never know who this can help.

You’re amazing, rise up to the challenge of rewriting your story today.


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