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21 Dec 2017

Remove Hate

This is my experience of getting rid of Hate

I have been talking about the writing exercise to discover feelings inside of you, and I share an experience of a discovery I had. I sit down, on the odd days of the month, and explore a feeling to see if I have that emotion inside of me.

I was having a great day and said to myself, “I am going to explore one of the standard emotions people have, to see if I have that feeling in me. I looked at the most common emotions, Anger, Frustration, Overwhelm, sadness, stress, hate, etc. I honestly did not think I would have any hatred in me.

I picked up the pen and paper and wrote, “I am feeling hate because…” and I could not believe my brain just started to pour out all of these feelings of hate towards things. I had forgotten entirely about expressing or feeling hate towards some of the things I wrote down. I just sat in silence after writing, I was shocked.

2 Pages Later

The feeling of hatred poured out of me and on to paper and just kept flowing. After two and a half pages later, I put my pen down and discovered that I had a lot of hate inside that was being suppressed. I thought I had gotten rid of these emotions. I thought it was no big deal. I was wrong, very wrong.

I did not read back over the papers, I just looked at two pages of hate. I realized that that was a lot of hate and these kinds of feelings penned up will eventually come out, and if you don’t do it in a controlled and confident atmosphere, it could come out at a family member, co-worker, boss, etc. you never know. I do know that the negative emotions will come out.

Filling My Body Back Up

Our bodies are a vessel and will hold what we put in it. I had so much hate that was removed it was like a little bit of emptiness, so I had to fill it up. I started listening to my empower songs from YouTube that I talked about last week. Wow, what a huge difference it made to me. At this moment, I also took the time to write a page about how great I am, not in an arrogant, conceited way, but in a respectful way.

I am a blessing to this world. You are a blessing to this world. You have gifts and talents that need to be shared. I wrote some of these things down so I could internalize them and realize that hate was not part of me. Hate is not inside of me, and I am choosing to let it go.

You’re amazing, don’t discredit the simplicity of this exercise, it’s priceless. Rise to the challenge and for one month discover hidden emotions inside and see what difference it makes.

Here’s a summary of the process, remember to take care of your S.E.L.F.

  • S – Search an emotion to see if it’s inside.
  • E – Express in details the emotion you’re searching.
  • L – Let it Go, tell yourself, I am choosing to let this emotion go and tear up the page and throw it away.
  • F – Fill yourself up with positive and empowering emotions.

Mentor, Motivational Speaker, and Coach – Tony Rhoton 801.787.5765


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  1. […] stops you and prevents you from becoming the person you want to be. You have so much potential, let go of any hate and negative emotions; know where you’re going so nothing stops […]

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