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27 Dec 2018

Relationships Important

Your Relationships Matter the Most!

Nothing Matters More Than Relationships!

I’ve been doing a lot of reflection on relationships because right now my father in law, is in the hospital and has been there for several weeks. He was skiing and hit his head, causing bleeding in the brain. You never know if someone will be here tomorrow and you don’t want to regret not letting them know how much you care.

I can’t believe 2018 has already passed by so quickly too. As I was looking back over the year and doing some reflection on lessons learned, I realized one of the most significant lessons I have learned is, “Relationships and mending relationships should always be one of our highest goals in life, but especially 2019.”

You can have all of the money in the world, but if you don’t have someone to share it with, it does not matter. You will be miserable. Having money, health, wealth, intelligence, etc., will not matter if you don’t have someone to share it with.

Looking over last year (2018), what relationships do you need to mend? Who do you need to call and say, “sorry?” or “I love you?”

This is not about who’s right or who’s wrong, this is about building a strong relationship with others and forget everything else but the relationship. Connection with others is critical for long-term happiness don’t regret it by allowing pride to get in the way of that connection.

Make a list of what relationships need some mending or building and make that the focus for 2019. Do what you need to do to forgive and move on. In order for things to change you have to change, if you’re not willing, change will never happen.

You’re amazing, believe it!

Tony Rhoton, Mentor, Speaker and Trainer


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