Recap Royalty Romance

Royalty and Romance Event

This last weekend I went to a conference in Salt Lake City, Utah called Royalty and Romance. This conference is put on by 3 Key Elements. The presenters, Kirk Duncan and Kim Duncan were phenomenal.

I personally knew a lot of the things they talked about but there were a lot of gold nuggets too. I will be posting on those nuggets in the future. Today I just wanted to do a quick recap of one of the most important ones they gave for a husband and wife.

It’s Called Swaying

The concept they introduced, which I realize my wife and I have been doing this since we were married but never thought anything about it. It is called Swaying, essentially the traditional elementary school dancing style, you move side to side.

It’s really simple and anyone can do it but the concept behind this is to be unison with your spouse. They shared several different examples of how swaying has helped in their relationship, from business, to personal, the sway works.

My wife and I have been doing this but didn’t call it anything, just holding each other and rocking. I can attest it works.

When you can be unified, even in something seemingly small like this, you can start to unite in other ways. Swaying is not something to take lightly because it does work.

Take Action

Don’t think this is frivolous and of no value, try it. Let me know what happened but give it a try for at least one month. If it doesn’t work, no harm done. However, when it works, you will be thanking me for sharing it with you. (big smile)

I hope you will take action today on this simple little concept I shared with you. Have a great day. You’re amazing, don’t forget it. Rise up to the challenge of Swaying today.


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