Power of Vision Boards

Discover the Power of Vision Boards – Creating Your Story

I am excited to share with you some insights which I gained recently about the power of vision boards.

This morning I had a mentoring session with a young lady and an insight that came to me was the power of vision boards. I used to think that vision boards was a way to get this or get that, but in actuality, it’s about creating your story.

Imagine yourself as a tree, you started out as a seed and slowly grew into yourself, the current tree. Your tree is made up of your past and what’s going on currently. You have the choice to allow your history to hold you back or discover the lessons learned from the past to create your future.

Implementing a Vision Board

A vision board helps you to create your future, your story. You do not need to believe your story right now; this is the story that you are building. We will get into how you begin to believe your story later. While you are creating your story, allow yourself to believe as a child would don’t hold yourself back.

On your vision board, you will include 1 to 9 items that are goals that you want to achieve. These goals could be physical, tangible things or they could be personal improvements or a dream you want to accomplish. Items you want to have on a vision board is a picture and description. The image will simulate the feeling of achieving this goal or the physical object. The description will be a sentence of what it feels like to accomplish this goal or the literal words of you reaching your goal.

Let’s imagine you have a goal to go to Disneyland, an example of a description would be,

  • I love Disneyland. I’m saving up money to go.
  • The closer I get to going to Disneyland, the more excited I get.
  • I’m going to Disneyland.
  • The wind I feel in my hair as I ride the roller coaster, reminds me of why I wanted to come to Disneyland.

As you can see, there are different approaches to writing the description. The critical thing to remember is to make it work for you. What description fits you best? It’s your story, your vision board, create it!

Don’t allow your past to keep you in the past, identify the lessons learned so you can move forward.


You’re Amazing, Believe It!

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