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05 Oct 2017

Best Year Ever

Discover How to Have the Best Year Ever

Last year I read a book that has changed my life forever. “I have been wanting to do this for a long time. I read a book that has changed my life, it’s called Millionaire Success Habits. This book has finally pushed me beyond my comfort zone and into the world.”

Tony Rhoton started this podcast, no fancy introduction, just valuable information. If this information is implemented, you will discover a better life. This first podcast Tony is sharing his thoughts on a book that has changed his life because of the action he took on a specific exercise called the Best Year Ever. He shares that exercise with you so you can start to change your life, today.

He recommends the book, Millionaire Success Habits because there are specific actionable steps you can take. Thank you for listening.

Tony has been helping individuals, companies, and families for years and now he shares his knowledge with you. This podcast is not scripted, Tony speaks openly and honestly. His goal is to speak from the heart and hopefully connect with you on a heart to heart level. His honest approach is to help you by sharing what he knows.

Tony believes you are amazing and that’s what’s fueling his desire to do this podcast.

I have been amazed at how much positive feedback I have received from people already.

Thank you for listening this is how to make it the Best Year Ever!

Tony Rhoton – Speaking – Coaching – 801.787.5765

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