Tony Rhoton – Life Mentor for Women

Helping clients worldwide, since 2006, Tony has been helping individuals struggling with pornography addiction. Through the process of helping a lot of men find healing, he realized there was a tremendous need for women to find healing. His focus gradually changed to being a mentor for women, and while he still helps men struggling with porn, his focus is helping women. He’s not a therapist, he is a mentor and engages you in a process of healing by using solid principles and his understanding of the brain. Tony helps you to let go of the past, manage your thoughts and he will teach you empowering techniques to move forward in the future.

As a mentor, he encourages, supports, empowers and helps you achieve your goals. Tony helps you to identify which direction in your life will give you purpose, joy, and hope.

With a powerful mentor and accountability partner, you will move forward in life; Discover passion and love of life. You will strengthen your personal life.

Benefits of Having a Mentor

  1. Training is Specific and Direct
    Mentoring focuses on what stops you from creating success and getting rid of those behaviors. Stop making the same mistake over and over again.
  2. Ongoing Solutions
    Once you solve one problem, a new one will show up. Mentors guide you through your new obstacle. As you grow, you’ll experience new challenges.
  3. Fresh Perception Overcoming Obstacles
    When you don’t know how to change your perception/view the obstacles holding you back seem insurmountable; however, change your perception and the obstacle becomes a different size and not so overwhelming.
  4. Discover Patterns of Success
    Learn how to find new routes and decrease the struggle it takes to reach your goal. There is more than one way to have success. There is an easier route.
  5. Create Result-packed Action Steps
    Learn how to clear out the action steps that steal your time and energy and focus your momentum on results.
  6. Goal-focused
    Discover the power of staying focused on solutions, versus the problem and be empowered by them.
  7. Master of the Left and Right Side of Your Mind
    Train your mind to work for you and not against you. When you understand how your brain works, you become focused, determined and full of purpose.
  8. Success/Accountability Fail Less, Succeed More
    Create an environment for success. Use a system that is proven to create results. The power of a successful partner to check in helps you accomplish goals, and remain accountable too.
  9. Reporting and Course Correcting
    Tracking and measuring your success gives you the necessary vision of your progress and how to course correct. Without it, you wander aimlessly, lose your momentum and burn out.
  10. Decrease Sabotage
    If you already knew what to do, you would have what you want. Old thinking and emotions keep you stuck. Get out of the rut!
  11. Interactive Whole Brain Training
    Train your brain to work for you! Create automatic success behaviors. Improved thinking = New Behaviors = Better Results!

Change Patterns > Improve Behaviors > Better Lifestyle

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