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Sharing a Mentoring Story

I have been mentoring people my whole life but professionally since 2006 but it has been behind the scenes, via phone or email.

I’m located in American Fork but I can mentor clients nationwide via Skype or Facetime. I have been mentoring people since 2006 and I love seeing people move someone forward from their past challenges.

I have been working with a young lady for about two months and two weeks ago, she stopped smoking. She had been smoking for 26 years. She has tried to quit many times but has lacked the knowledge of how to manage the triggers when they came up. With the skills I taught her, she has moved forward in life and is finding happiness, joy, and excitement in life.

Need to Tell You Something BIG

She sent me a text that said, “I’m super excited to tell ya something BIG I accomplished and why I think I got so sick. Can we still meet tomorrow?…”

I was so excited to learn what this big news was I asked her, what happened? She said, “I quit smoking two weeks ago and my body was getting rid of the junk in my lungs.”

She said she woke up one morning and did not feel like smoking anymore and has had the strength to move forward with the techniques she’s learned.

I can help you too. You’re Amazing; Believe It!

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