Love Yourself Forgive Yourself

You’re Priceless; Love Yourself Enough to Forgive Yourself

I’m so glad you’re here, and this is an excellent day for you to be here to learn how to love yourself. I was not sure what I was supposed to talk about and to share with you, and I received a prompting I need to talk about Loving Yourself Enough to Forgive Yourself.

Sometimes it is easier to forgive others for the mistakes or the things they may have done than to forgive ourselves. It’s so important to forgive ourselves for our past mistakes. Mistakes are just that, a mistake, don’t allow them to define who you are; allow those challenges to help you be a better person.

You deserve just as much if not more forgiveness of yourself than for others. You deserve to love yourself; realize that you are amazing and you deserve tremendous blessings.

An exercise to implement in your life is to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I love you. You are great. You’re amazing just the way you are, mistakes and all.”

Valuable Mantra

Here’s an exercise to go through to help improve your self-love and confidence:

I am an amazing child of God.

I love myself.

I am a gift to the world.

The world deserves me to be at my best.

I can accomplish anything I set my mind too.

I am valuable and I have infinite worth.

I love the world and the world loves me.

It’s True; It’s True

Your Life of Value

You have been given your life and your challenges because your higher power knows you can handle it. They want you to discover your real worth. Your experiences will help you help others overcome their problems and realize there’s hope.

Realize your worth and your potential. If you don’t believe in a higher power, put your faith in my belief about you. Rise Up to the challenge to realize You’re priceless; You’re Amazing so Realize it.

Tony Rhoton Motivational Speaker • Personal Improvement Coach

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