Life Cycles

How to Interrupt Negative Cycles in Life

Do you have a cycle in your life that keeps repeating its self? Maybe it’s in relationships, behaviors, goals, or business?

You’re not alone. The more I have been mentoring and also paying attention and being more aware; I realize cycles happen all of the time. The cycle I’m referring too is the negative cycle that goes like this:

  1. You are passionate and ready to accomplish your goal; nothing is going to stop you.
  2. Things start to get a little hard, and you start questioning whether you should pursue your goal or not.
  3. Nothing seems to be improving, so you doubt your decisions, your goal, everything is doubtful.
  4. You give up, you’re done, you’ve tried it, but nothing seems to be working, so you give up.
  5. Now you are feeling crushed and worthless, telling yourself all kinds of negative junk.
  6. Someone comes along with encouragement, like me, and says, “You can do this. What a phenomenal, wonderful, amazing idea, you can completely rock this.”
  7. The thought comes back into your mind, “Maybe I can do this?”
  8. You start to get more confidence in your decision to continue pushing forward.
  9. Your confidence is entirely back, and you’re passionate about your goal and ready to conquer the world.

Does this cycle sound familiar?

interrupt negative cycles

Interrupt the Repetition of the Negative Cycle

This is the negative cycle that happens over and over in many aspects of your life, relationships, behaviors, goals and business, the cycle is the same.

The most important thing you can do is recognize the cycle is real and be aware of it. Once you’re aware of the cycle, start implementing some of the techniques I’ve taught you to break the cycle. Here are some different methods to use to break the cycle.

  1. When you’re passionate, you need to empower yourself.
  2. The questions start coming, journal, do the truth and lies exercise, identity poster, and declarations about yourself.
  3. You start to doubt yourself: journal, truth and lies, power build and identity poster.
  4. You’ve reached the point, and you have given up: journal, truth and lies, identity poster, and coping declarations.
  5. Feeling thoroughly crushed and like there’s no hope: journal, coping declarations, identity poster.
  6. The spark of hope comes back, and maybe this is a good idea: identity poster, declarations, and truths and lies exercise.
  7. Now you know you can do this and your confidence has returned: power building, epic declarations, identity poster, and journaling.

When you know the cycle, you can implement techniques to interrupt the cycle and stop it or increase the speed of the cycle so you can get back to confidence, and passion.

You’re amazing, believe it!

Tony Rhoton, Mentor and Coach • 801.901.0279


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