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01 Mar 2018

Letting Go Negative Emotions

How I Let Go of Negative Emotions

Today I share with you how I avoided getting angry, frustrated, overwhelmed.

My Oh My, That Smell

Three weeks ago, my beautiful wife, Reneé, noticed that there was a more massive puddle of water right next to the dishwasher. She immediately called everyone in to see who spilled the water and did not clean it up. After each child and myself said we did not spill water, she looked closer.

I pulled the dishwasher out and was blasted by a putrid smell. For several weeks, we kept smelling something, and we thought it was the trash. We took it out, nope, still had the smell. We made sure to clean the sink with orange oil, still stunk. However, now the orange smell was starting to mask the stench. We assumed it would just take some time to go away.

We went about our business thinking we had fixed the problem. A couple of days and then a week, we would still get that awful stench. It was truly disgusting. We never could fix the problem and then …

We realized that our dishwasher has been leaking for quite awhile and the mold and stagnant water was the culprit, EEEEWWWWW!

The water had crept up the wall, damaged the wood and soaked the insulation. I called my friend to see if I could borrow his industrial fan. I removed the drywall, drilled holes about two feet above the watermark and turned on the fan.

The fan was so loud It was impossible to hear anything so we would turn it on every night for the bedtime hum.


After moving the dishwasher, cutting out the drywall, drilling holes above, the smell is gone, which takes me to a lesson learned.

You will have different challenges and struggles, but if you’re not dealing with the core issue, it will never get resolved. If you don’t work on your negative emotions, you will never find the peace and healing you’re seeking. Negative emotions don’t serve you. Negative emotions will hold you back and give you a lot of surface problems.

The core to most problems is your negative emotions.

Healing the Core

If you want to get rid of the negative emotions and find healing, you must do this.

  1. Get several pieces of paper and a pen or pencil.
  2. On the top of the paper, write:
    1. I am feeling (insert emotion) because…
      Express yourself in detail about how you are feeling, DON’T HOLD BACK. It’s critical that you express yourself in detail. Allow your mind to take you wherever you want to go, because somehow that negative emotion is connected.
  3. After writing your feelings down, tear up or shred the paper that you just wrote on.
  4. As you are throwing it away say out loud,
    1. These negative feelings do not serve me, so I’m choosing to let them go.
    2. Drop them in the trash.

Fill the Space

Now that you have gotten rid of a negative emotion, it’s essential to fill the space with positivity. You can:

  • Write at least a half page about how you have gotten rid of the negative emotion and how amazing you are. (This is the most effective for people)
  • Play positive music (Make sure lyrics are uplifting and positive.)
  • Listen/read motivational talks and quotes.
  • Read your declarations.
  • Stare at your vision board for 5 min.
  • Read scriptures or spiritual text.
  • Sing and Dance
  • Go outside around nature.

You’re amazing, believe it.

Life mentor, coach, and speaker, Tony Rhoton 801.787.5765



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