Letter to Higher Power

Higher Power Self Improvement Exercise

One of the most important exercises I have experienced to date is this one, “Letter to Higher Power.” This activity is simple but can yield some phenomenal results, like direction, answers to questions, guidance in conversations, and Self Improvement, etc..

Your higher power could be God, Heavenly Father, Buddha, a wall or it can be your higher self-image, you decide. There is not one way of doing this exercise; there is not a focus on any particular deity. The center is on the concept of believing in something greater than you. In the video/audio, I go into an example of someone who chose a mountain as their higher power. I’m not going to rehash the story; you can listen to it or watch it.

The importance of self-improvement and choosing a higher power is belief and faith in something greater than yourself. Belief in a being or an object that can help give you insight into your life. For this article, I’m going to use a loving Heavenly Father as the Higher Power because that is my personal belief.

Setting the Stage

I believe in a loving Heavenly Father because he is someone I can relate to. He is someone that understands me as father and also as an individual. He cares for me and wants me to succeed in all aspects of life. He’s my Higher Power in whom I seek guidance and direction from; notice the keyword, loving.

Your higher power cares about you and wants the best for you. The knowledge your higher power has is immense and all-knowing; therefore, you can trust the advice you receive.

The Letter

First, you want to address your higher power, dear (Higher Power).

Second, you want to express your feelings, emotions and the problem you may be seeking help. Don’t hold back, express yourself, allow yourself to speak freely. Don’t over think this, write a letter to your friend. Your higher power is your best friend, the most significant friend you have. Now you’re going to connect with this good friend on a different level.

Third, close the same way you would any letter to someone who loves, cares and values you.

Best Part – The Response

Now that you have written your letter, read it, make sure you have expressed everything that you are seeking guidance. Now listen to the response you receive and write it down by placing your pencil on the paper and write what comes to your thoughts. Start by addressing a letter to yourself.

Dear (insert your name), listen and write down your response.

You may find that you get answers immediately or you may find that the counsel you receive is more about how amazing and incredible you are. The message may be able about how to improve yourself and the self-improvement you need to do, listen to it, write it down and save these letters for ongoing guidance and power when you need it.


I started doing this a while ago and have written several letters. Some of the letters that I have written have dealt with guidance for my family and business, without going into my personal life too much, here’s an example of an answer to a business letter I wrote. This response is part of the solution I received regarding this blog.

My Questions Extracted From My Letter

  • “Should I move off of this busy street?
  • Should I move from Utah County?
  • What would you like me to know or do?

Love, Tony

Answer Received

Dear Tony,

I’m so glad that you are communicating more with me since listening to my servant Kirk. He was put down here to help people learn how to do this, to improve their communication with me. … You must trust me. I do have things under my wings. You need to stay put for right now. Your children need you to stay where you are at; they are being protected.

… I’m so glad you are communicating with me now. Prayer is important and this is a refined prayer. I need you to start reaching out within your community. You are a voice piece to help others.

Live life to it’s fullest. It’s not all about work, play with your children.

I love you,

Heavenly Father

The example I shared above was an immediate answer to my question. Your higher power, your higher self-knows what you need, trust it. You may get an immediate answer or it may take a while to get an answer to your question, but you will get it.

My Wife’s Struggle

My wife finds it difficult doing this exercise because she was not sure if this answer was coming from her or Heavenly Father, her Higher Power. She decided it was best for her just to write her thoughts, but as a letter, the effect is still the same. She is exercising faith in getting an answer to her questions.

This exercise is about having faith in something greater than yourself to receive guidance. This exercise has given me comfort and has changed my life. Give it a try; it won’t hurt!

You’re amazing, believe it! I know it’s true, and so does your higher power.

Tony Rhoton • Mentor, Coach, and Speaker in American Fork, UT

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