Interrupt Thoughts

Change Your Life by Interrupting Your Thoughts

Yesterday I was confronted by someone that said, “You’re giving people false hope. You can’t change your life like you’re talking about.”

The information I share with you will change your life if you implement it. She was right, but she was also wrong. I can’t change somebody’s life that’s correct; however, you can change your life, and that’s where she was wrong. If you implement the techniques I’ve shared with you, your life will change.

For example in this article and video, I’m talking about interrupting your thoughts and being mindful of them. Our stinking thinking creates a lot of pain, sickness, and suffering within our bodies. Can I prove this will work with you? No, but I can share a personal story that shows how it may help.

Personal Story of Moving Emotions

The other day, my beautiful, amazing wife, whom I call Beautiful, had a tremendous headache. She had her headache for three days, and it was getting worse by the minute. After checking on all of the obvious things like sleep, drinking water, smells, etc., I asked her, “What’s stressing you out?”

She told me about a relationship that was bothering her. I taught her a method to deal with these emotions and this relationship.

About an hour and a half later, I asked her how she was doing, and she said,

“I did what you suggested I do. As I was processing through the relationship and the frustration, my headache got worse and worse. The headache increased tremendously; however, I kept processing it. After I completed using the technique, I no longer had the intense headache, it’s more of a dull feeling. I went outside, walked around while building myself back up and it worked. My headache is gone.”

Understanding How It Works

I will explain what was happening:

My wife had an emotion that she felt like she did not have to worry about it and it would go away. The typical response is, “It doesn’t matter. It’s not that big of a deal.” When you look a lot closer, her emotion was affecting her much more than she wanted to admit. The emotion had lodged itself in her shoulders, which tightened up the muscles and moved up the neck causing a headache. Once my wife moved the emotion and got it out of her, the headache went away.

Our thoughts stimulate emotions; the emotions trigger actions and the actions lead to results. If you don’t manage your emotions and store them in your body, you will get negative results. Learn how to move emotions, gain confidence and increase your self-esteem independent of others using the Complete Self-Esteem Course.

Trust the process and give it a try.

Tony Rhoton – Mentor, Speaker, and Trainer

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