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20 Sep 2018

ILoveMyself Challenge Part 2

(#ILoveMyself) I Love Myself Challenge Part 2

Today I discuss the next phase of the I Love Myself Challenge to upgrade your life. I Love myself is a powerful tool that will change your life forever.

Part One of the #ILoveMyself Challenge

The first part of the challenge was to say:

I Love Myself

15 times in the morning as soon as you wake up; 5 times during lunch and 15 times in the evening right before bed.

Part Two of the #ILoveMyself Challenge

The second part of the challenge is to add a meditation segment as well as a Higher Power element.

Today we are going to dive into a more intensive whole brain learning process by implementing meditation by looking at yourself in the mirror. The challenge is to stand only a few inches away from a mirror and stare into one eye. You can choose what eye you want to stare into but focus on one eye for five minutes. Watch what your eye does as you say I love myself over and over.

Your pupil will dilate and goes through a process of analyzing the message you are saying now and comparing it to the millions of messages it has received before. The method of retraining the brain and accepting the fact that you are amazing is powerful.

Part Three of the #ILoveMyself Challenge

The third thing you’re going to implement if you want to change in your life is to imagine your Heavenly Father or your Higher Power telling you, “I Love You.”

The process would look like this; you will tell yourself, “I love myself. Heavenly Father loves me. I love myself.”

Bring the love of your Higher Power into your life. He loves you and wants the best for you, believe it!

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