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25 Sep 2018
I love myself

I Love Myself Upgrade Part 3

Today we implement part 3 of the #ILoveMyself Challenge

I have been discussing the value of the #ILoveMyself Challenge, which started out as a simple technique. You can learn more about this simple technique here, but I’ll summarize it here. I call it the 15-5-15 exercise. Wake up, and the first thing you do is tell yourself, I Love Myself fifteen times. When you’re eating lunch or sometime in the afternoon tell yourself, I Love Myself five times. You will want to end your day loving yourself and say to yourself, “I Love Myself” fifteen times again, sleep well. 🙂

Then we added part two where you add to your routine meditating 5 minutes by looking in the mirror while saying and thinking, I love myself. You will also say, “My Heavenly Father loves me.” (or whoever is your Higher Power.)

Part 3 #ILoveMyself Challenge

You have expressed love for yourself for a while now, Heavenly Father (Higher Power) expressing His love; now express love for your body.

This part of the challenge involves telling different parts of your body how much you love it. For example, saying “I love my…” before each phrase. I love my:

  • Hands because…
  • Feet because…
  • Arms because…
  • Ears, eyes, nose, etc., because…

Let your brain know how much you love your entire body in detail, not just in general but that you love yourself wholly and completely.

Each step of the, “I Love Myself challenge” is focused on improving your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. The purpose of each level is a slight upgrade to your life. Love yourself for who you are right now, not after you have done something but wholly and entirely right now as you are.

Please share this and help others learn to love themselves and others.

You’re amazing. If you’re struggling with something and just can’t seem to get further, I would love to mentor you to help you upgrade your life.

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