Heavenly Father Loves You

Feeling Heavenly Father’s Love

This morning when I was considering what I should share, my mind was blank, so I wrote a letter to Heavenly Father. After writing the letter, this is the inspiration I received.

“Let them know I love them and I care. Tell them to look in the mirror and imagine me standing behind them, giving them a hug. I understand their pain they are going through and that it’s not easy but I can help them. Teach them to let go but let go to me. Teach them that there’s a Higher Power that loves and cares for them. I’m always here for them.” – Love Heavenly Father

The message I have to share with you today is that you have a loving Heavenly Father (God, Jesus Christ, or Whomever your Higher Power is). He cares about you and loves you so much. The love is real, allow his arms to embrace you to feel his love.

He Loves You.

Heavenly Father Loves You!

You have a lot of pains and struggles that you’re going through right now, give them to Him. He wants you to trust that He will take them and get rid of your pain and suffering. Imagine him standing behind you and holding you; He’s there.

Let Go

Remember to trust and let go of emotions that are holding you back. Here are some techniques to help you let go, but Heavenly Father wants you to let go to Him. Tell Him all about your pains, trials, frustrations, anger, resentment, and sickness. Also, tell Him that you are grateful for many blessings.

Many blessings are waiting for you if you will believe. The blessings are all around you if you look for them:

  • Birds are singing for you.
  • Wind is giving you a sweet kiss on your cheeks.
  • The warmth of the sun hugging you.
  • Snow is showing the renewal of life and beauty.

The blessings are all around. He, your Higher Power, wants you to know He cares.

You’re amazing, believe it. I do and so does Heavenly Father.

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