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13 Dec 2018

Steps to Best Year Ever

10 Steps on How to Have the Best Year Ever

Having the Best Year Ever! I am going to introduce you to one of the most powerful exercises and techniques that I teach my students to have the best year ever. This simple technique changed my life forever, and I want to share it with you and change your life forever.

Step 1 – Write Your Best Year Ever Story

Imagine it is New Year’s Day, January 1, 2020, and as you look back over last year 2019, it was the best year ever, what happened? On a piece of paper, write this leading sentence, “Wow, I can’t believe that 2019 was so amazing. It really was the best year I have ever had because…”

This is the fun part, just letting your mind go, it doesn’t matter if it’s traveling, business, family, or anything in between; allow your story to flow.

It’s critical that you do NOT over think this and you allow your story to come out of you. Get rid of all of the negative thinking and just write whatever would make this the best year ever.

Examples of things you may want to include:

  • Health
  • Travel
  • Business
  • Activities
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Hobbies

When I implemented this technique, I discovered how much I want to speak and help others, and that’s why I’m here doing this today. This Best Year Ever Exercise has changed my life forever and here’s how.

Step 2 – Re-read Your Story

Now that you have completed your best year ever story, go back and read it. Do NOT allow your negative thoughts to get in the way. Read it and let this story to sink into your mind. Is this the best year ever or do you need to add some additional details to make it the best year?

Add any other items to make it the best year ever and then move on to step 3.

Step 3 – Identify Your Goals

You’ve written your story and read it, now read it again and dissect it. This time as you read your story underline the items that would make it the best year.

For example, “We went to Disneyland as a family and …”

In this example one of the things that would make it your best year was to take a trip to Disneyland, hence why it is underlined. Go through your paper and underline everything that would make it the best year. After you have underlined the key items, move to step 4.

Step 4 – Micro-Goals

Primarily what you have underlined were broad goals, i.e., Disneyland in the above example. If you were just to put that out there, you would eventually get it, but we want you to get it this year. You will increase your likelihood of reaching this goal if you go through the process of breaking down your large goal into smaller micro goals.

The broad goal is going to Disneyland, but now you need to identify all of the costs associated with it. Where will you sleep? Are you going to go for a week, or a few days? Where will you eat?

You were going through the process of identifying what needs to happen to make this a reality. As you go through this process, you are also visualizing it. After some initial research, you discover it’s going to cost $3,000. You break this down into smaller goals. If you want to go to Disneyland in one year, that means you will need to save $250 every month. However, this may be overwhelming so let’s break it down even smaller. You will need to save $62.50 a week or $9 every day. The further you break down the goals, the more manageable they are.

Go over each of your large (Macro) goals and break them down into micro-goals. If you need help, making this the best year ever, schedule an appointment, and I’ll help you.

After you have broken each of your large goals down into micro-goals, go to step 5.

Step 5 – Visualize

This step is critical. I’m not joking when I say this step is critical, if you want to achieve your goals.  Visualization is a crucial component of reaching a goal that seems out of reach.

Do some research online or in magazines and find 3 to 4 pictures of each of your goals or something that would represent your goals and go to step 6.

Step 6 – Write a Description

You already have a description of what would happen to make it the best year ever, now dive deeper. This step involves you visualizing yourself and as many details as possible as if you’re achieving your goal right now. Where are you? What’s going on? What are the surroundings? Who’s with you? What are you wearing? Identify the smells the sounds, etc. The more you can visualize it and create this image in your mind, the better.

After you have completed this visualization and you have all of these details, write a one or two paragraph summary off of your full description and then go to step 7.

Step 7 – Write Declarations

You’ve written your story, read it, identified the large goals, created micro-goals, gathered photos, and written a description; now you need to empower yourself to achieve these goals. Your mind may be freaking out about all of this and telling you there is no way possible to accomplish this. Recognizing this voice is important because that voice is what’s holding you back. We are going to begin rewriting the story that keeps playing in your head, and we will start with simple declarations.

It’s time to start training your mind that this is possible, so you want to write declarations about your character and this happening. Here are a few examples:

  • I am creative and have come up with ways to achieve my goals.
  • I’m strong and powerful.
  • There’s nothing that’s going to stop me from accomplishing (insert goal).
  • Money flows to me in creative ways to help me (insert goal here).

You will want to create 3 to 4 declarations per goal.

Step 8 – Vision Board

You’ve got everything you need for your vision board now. All you need to do is assemble it. Do NOT make this complicated. All you need to do is create a basic vision board. Using some painters tape, tape a square on the wall, yep, that’s it. You have a board, now let’s start filling that board with your vision.

The painters’ tape will act as a frame for your vision of all of the things you have assembled above. Take the pictures and put them above the brief 1 to 2 paragraph summary, with your declarations below it. You will want to do this with each goal. (No more than 9 on a board at a time, preferably 1 to 5 goals, having a: Short-term 1-30 days; Mid-term 31-90 days; Long-term 90 days +)

Congratulations, not only have you created a vision of what your best year would look like, but you have also taken action on achieving it, please go to step 9.

Step 9 – Spend Time

Knowledge is the key to success. You have a vision board with everything you need on it. Spend time with it, look at your vision board and imagine everything happening for at least 3 min in the morning by starting your day off with your best year and 3 min in the evening, right before going to bed, allow your subconscious mind to sit with your vision and allow your mind to find solutions.

Step 10 – Enjoy the Journey

I hope you have fun with this, creating the story and actions to achieving it will be the most fun part and bring you the greatest joy. If you do this, you will discover that reaching the goal is not as big of a wow as the journey was.

After you accomplish one goal, set your next goal and don’t stop!

Setting goals and achieving them will help you to be happy and find hope and purpose in your life. It’s not the destination that matters; it’s the joy in the journey.

Again, I recommend always having a minimum of 3 goals and max of 9 goals on your vision board, so you don’t get overwhelmed. I recommend having:

  • One short-term goal, easy to reach within 1 to 30 days;
  • One mid-term goal to reach within 31 days to 6 months;
  • A long-range goal that would take six months plus to reach.

As soon as you complete a goal in the short, medium or long range, add another one. You should always have a goal in each category.

Create a Binder of Success

Get a binder and fill it with plastic sleeves to insert your completed goals. As you start achieving your goals, keep the photos, and description papers in a binder so you can look back at it and realize, you’re achieving your dreams and living the best year ever! 

You’re amazing, believe it!

Tony Rhoton – Mentor, Coach and Speaker 801.787.5765



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