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Setting and Achieving the Right Goals for 2020

It is a fabulous new year. That means you have opportunities that are lying ahead of you. Some you might be aware of and some that you don’t even have a clue are coming your way.

I wanted to start this new year and decade off on the right foot, and that’s setting goals, but you have to set them right. You need to set them properly; otherwise, you won’t achieve them.

How many goals have you set every year, and next year you set the same goal, and the year after that, you set the same goal, and it’s not because it’s you love this goal, and you want to keep doing it. It’s because you are not achieving it. This is the year to accomplish your goal.

I’ve got an exercise I want you to do today and it’s wonderful because you put your mind in a different place so you can be excited about the new year coming.

I’ve talked about this before, and I’m just going to talk about it again because it’s always a good reminder, and that’s what I call the “Best Year Ever Exercise.” I learned this exercise from Dean Graziosi, but I have tweaked it a bit with some of the things that I do. You want 2020 to be the best year, the year of clear vision, rewards, blessings, abundance, and dreams coming true. That’s what I’m looking for, and this is one of the ways I do it.

What goals should you set?

The Challenge

One of the challenges a lot of people struggle with is setting a goal. What is it that they want? What is it they want to achieve or accomplish? It starts in the realm of, “I want to be healthier. I want to be this and that.” The problem is they set the goal because everyone tells them they should and that’s how to improve, etc. True they want to be healthier but is this the right goal to set?

They don’t understand what it is they’re trying to achieve. This exercise, the Best Year Ever, is really simple and I want to share the 5 steps to doing it. However, before we get to the steps, get some paper. You’re going to need a sheet of paper, several sheets if you are a big dreamer. On this sheet of paper, write,

2020 was the best year ever because …

allow your brain to fill it out. Whatever it may be. Don’t limit yourself. If you say it was the best year ever because you went on vacation, then great, put that down. You don’t want to allow finances, health, friends or family to hinder your vision. If you say you did something or you got a raise or whatever it may be, do NOT limit yourself. Write it down and keep allowing your brain to dump on this sheet of paper.

Setting the right goals for 2020 by writing your story that will make it the best year ever!

Steps for Setting the Right Goals

Step 1 – write your story. Pretend like it’s January 1st, 2021 and 2020 just ended and write 2020 was the Best Year Ever because and fill it out with everything that happened to make it the Best Year Ever.

Step 2 – Reread it. Reread what you wrote. You will have written down things that made it the best year ever, for example, let’s say it was the best year because we went on a vacation to Disneyland, and I connected with my wife, whatever it may be, you decide what made it the best year ever. 

Step 3 – Highlight. Highlight the goals with a highlighter. As you reread your Best Year, Ever you’re going identify the things that show that it’s the best year ever. In this example, the vacation made it the best year ever so, I want you to highlight it. Get a highlighter, and physically highlight the vacation, whatever the vacation was, made it the best year ever. The next one, in this example, connected better with my wife. Highlight it, and keep going through and find all of the things that you did or that happened, that made 2020 the best year ever, and highlight each one.

Step 4 – Pull Highlighted. Pull the highlighted goals out and put them on a different piece of paper. Now that you have highlighted all of the things that are going to make this the best year ever, write those highlighted items onto a separate sheet of paper. You’re going to be keeping the Best Year paper as well as this second sheet of paper with the highlighted items written on it. This new paper that you just wrote the highlighted items on is your goals because you said that is what’s going to make it the best year ever. Both of these pages will be reread over and over several times a year, if not more, as you pursue your Best Year Ever. Is to analyze those goals.

Step 5 – Analyze. If you want this vacation, what must you do? What is it going to take? What are the challenges that are going to be facing you as you pursue this goal? What are the obstacles, and what needs to happen? What training do you need? Start analyzing every goal to discover any of the challenges, obstacles that may come, so you’re ready for them.

Be a goal achiever, not a goal setter.

Achieve Your Goals

Continuing with our example of connecting with your spouse, what does it mean to connect with your spouse? What did you do? Did you spend more time together or say I love you more?

These highlighted goals are your BIG Goals; now, you are going to break these goals down into micro-goals. You will break your big goal down into smaller, more manageable goals, and as you complete those smaller, more manageable goals, you’ll achieve the Big Goal. 

I hope you enjoy this phenomenal exercise because it works. If you do it, you’ll start to identify what’s going to make this year spectacular, remarkable, and amazing. 

What do you want to do for 2020 start writing your Best Year Ever, now! Don’t put this off. Don’t wait or say I’ll do it tomorrow or the next day, Do It Today and start 2020 the right way. If you have already set some goals, look to see if you included those goals in your Best Year Ever? If not, you may want to reevaluate that goal. They may not fit within the best year ever, and you may not want these goals anymore. 

You are amazing. Do this exercise today. Don’t wait. Don’t put it off. Please let me know your goals and dreams so that you can start committing to yourself today. You’re amazing. Believe it. Have a fantastic day.

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