Giving Emotion Identity

Personify Your Emotions; Start Healing

You need nurturing just like the garden.

I’m standing in front of my garden, and I wanted to showcase it. I feel a garden is peaceful, warming, therapeutic, and I love it. You can see it’s producing well. This garden is just like life. When you take care of it, things go well.

I have a question for you. Do you struggle with anger, frustration or any number of other emotions?

Pound Out the Emotions?

I’ve been doing a lot of study with this recently, and I’m pulling back from one of the methods of dealing with high emotions that I’ve subscribed to for a while, for example managing anger. Before I was telling you to use a hammer or something and pound on it; there may still be times when this approach is appropriate.

Here’s the stump that my children and I have been using to chop on.

One of the things that I’m realizing is when I’m angry, and then I start pounding on something, it’s almost like I’m reinforcing that anger that I’m strengthening that anger. It subsides for a bit because I get exhausted because of all of the pounding. However, I started recognizing it reinforces the anger almost cements in some ways. And as I’ve been studying this more and more, I came across this concept and this idea that you don’t fight it, you don’t join it, you acknowledge it, and you recognize it. You separate it as a part of who you are. So when I’m angry, I need to ask myself, why am I angry?

Accept IT, Don’t Ignore IT, Give IT Validation

Accept the fact that I’m angry, frustrated or whatever the emotion is, accept it. Don’t try to ignore it or fight it. Don’t try to say, oh, I shouldn’t have this emotion you already do. So don’t try to ignore it. But then as, how is this serving me? Is this anger helping me? In what way is it helping me?

Is it giving me a sense of validation? Is it helping me to cope with something that I do not want to cope with, but start to feel it and get to know it? It’s almost like it’s a person and you are now trying to connect with it, to understand it, to understand why it’s in your life, to know why it is going on at this point. Is it really about a broken lamp? What is it really about? And then love it. Yeah, love it. Let it know how much you love it. And care for it and support it that it’s, it’s there, it’s part of you, and you’re glad that you have an emotion and you feel free enough to express that emotion and to feel that emotion and thank it.

Watch the Emotions Release

And as I’ve been doing this, what I have noticed is the anger, or the frustration of the feeling starts to release and let go. Starts to say, you know, it’s okay. I’m not angry anymore. I know it kind of sounds weird when you’re separating the emotion, and you give it a person. You see, you personify it, and you make it its entity. It sounds kind of Kooky, so weird, but it’s incredible. It’s simply amazing.

The next time that you get angry, the next time you get frustrated the next time you feel a high emotion separate it. Give it its own identity up. O there you are anger. We’ve had this talk before, I felt you before. What’s going on? Why, why are you present? Are you doing something for me? And try, try this out. See if it works for you. Like it’s been working for others. You are amazing. Believe it has an amazing day.

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