Getting Rid of Negative Emotions

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Negative Emotions Will Hold You Back – Get Rid of Them!

I have been learning a lot and one of the gems I learned awhile ago and have created a couple of different videos on is this gem is, ‘Getting Rid of Negative Emotions.’ There are pend up emotions inside you that are holding you back and today I discovered a new technique to manage your emotions. I learned this technique from Kirk Duncan from 3KeyElements.

Identify An Emotion

First you must identify the negative emotions. There are over 4,000 emotions you can choose from so we will focus on just one to teach you the principle behind it. The emotion I’m going to choose is angry. Here’s what I want you to do:

On a piece of paper write this sentence, “I feel angry about (insert the topic) because…

You choose the emotion and insert the topic but allow your mind to go.

Give Details Surrounding Your Negative Emotions

Here’s the beauty of this. Now anything that you’re angry about, write about it and follow the story allow your mind to let it go, write it all down. Don’t worry if it goes off on what seems like a tangent to you. Allow your mind to release the angry emotion that has been connected, even if it doesn’t seem relevant, go with it.

Here’s an example of this. I’m not going to got through the full work through but you will get the point.

I feel angry (Emotion) about my spouse (Topic) because he didn’t take the trash out and now we have to wait another week before it can be picked up. Now we can’t … (Details)

This story could go off onto something else your spouse did or even what somebody else did, go with it. Allow your mind to release anything that is holding you back. You may find that this is only a sentence, possibly a paragraph or several pages, go with it.

Let Your Negative Emotions Go

After you have completed the story and written everything down, you are going to get rid of your negative emotions by:

  • Tearing it up.
  • Shredding it.
  • Burning it.
  • Crumpling it up and throwing it in the trash.
  • Hooking it to a rocket.

The method of getting rid of it does not matter, just get rid of it.


Do NOT, I repeat do NOT go back and read it or let anyone else read it, get rid of it.

The intent of this exercise is to get rid of the negative emotion that’s holding you back, by reading it again, you’re essentially putting it back in you. Get rid of it. Also, do NOT let anyone else read it. You will have people wanting to read it to see what you wrote, RESIST this urge to read it or allow others to read it.

Choose to Let This All Go!

After you throw it a way, tell yourself, “I choose to let this all go.” You want to tell yourself mentally, emotionally and physically that you are letting this go. These are emotions that have been holding you back, connecting you to a negative past, instead of a hopeful, bright future.

Forgive yourself for any part you had in this. Forgive others for any part they had and tell yourself, “I choose to let this all go.”

Feeling Empty

Now you have just gotten rid of that negative emotion that was taking up a lot of space. You have been holding onto some of these stories, events and feelings for a long time. This emotion has filled you for many years and now you may be feeling empty. You may feel like something is missing and you’re correct … the emotion is.

You have become so attached to that emotion that you have allowed it to become part of you and it’s been holding you back.

Final, Most Important Step

The best part about having an empty space is being able to choose what you put into it. Here is what I would recommend, replace that emotion with a new positive story. If you have been doing declarations, start saying them and empowering yourself or you can tell yourself things that you like about you. For example, I am a problem solver. I am good at playing the piano, whatever it is tell yourself this over and over. However, if you really want to take it to the next level, replace the negative story about the person, place or event with a positive one.

For example:
I love my spouse, they do so much for me. They help make my day better.
I am so grateful that we have a trash pickup that comes every week so if we miss one week we can get it taken care of the next.

In summation: Remember to take care of your S.E.L.F.

This exercise is something you are intentionally bringing up negative emotions so you can get them out of you. Pick a negative emotion; you don’t have to be feeling that emotion right now, just write the sentence with any emotion and see if it’s buried inside so you can get rid of it. At first I thought I only need to deal with negative emotions when I feel them, search for any negative emotions and see if they are inside. You may have that emotion and not even realize it. It’s a discovery process.

To help you remember how to do this, I created this acronym for you to keep at the forefront of your mind: (S.E.L.F.)

  1. Search for the emotions by writing a sentence, “I feel (EMOTION) about (TOPIC) because (DETAILS)
  2. Express details about that emotion and follow the story.
  3. Let it go, get rid of it.
  4. Fill with positive emotion or story.

S – is for Search your emotions.

E – is for Express your emotions on paper in detail.

L – is for Let It Go.

F – is for Fill. Fill it up with a new positive story or affirmations.

Please start doing this exercise of writing down your emotions and getting rid of them. Writing and getting rid of Negative Emotions will help you move forward in life. It works!

Tony Rhoton Motivational Speaker, Mentor & Life Improvement Coach 801.787.5765

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