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23 Oct 2017

Increase Energy; Get Rid of Stuff

Get Rid of Stuff; Increase Energy

Good morning guys and gals. I am late because I was busy doing something for my business, ‘YES Clinics

‘YES Clinics’ is one of my businesses that I’m part owner in and I love it, and it’s where my greatest passion is because we’re helping individuals struggling with addictions, anxiety depression. We’re helping couples come together and unite and connect with purpose and doing that same thing for family systems

I love helping people, and that’s what started me doing this as well as many other things.

I wanted to answer the question we talked about last week,
about focus. We want to focus on those things that we are best at, those things that just make us so excited to work on. These are the things that give us energy. Everything outside of this, we’re going to call it stuff.

Our goal is to get get rid of stuff. We want stuff to go down and gradually get rid of it so our energy will go up.

What is stuff?

Stuff would be things that don’t give you energy, which doesn’t excite you or motivate you; Stuff causes you to stay stuck in the same place and not moving.

When you get rid of stuff, you have the energy for life, and you want to keep going.

Stuff can be different for everybody so for me some of the stuff that I’m dealing with is website stuff. I don’t find enjoyment in working with websites. Even though I don’t enjoy it, I do it because I have to but it’s not something that I get excited or jazzed.

New Concept

I want to introduce this new concept, get rid of the things you don’t like that don’t give you energy and bring in those things that do provide you with energy.

For me, one of the things that give me energy is doing these shows. Whether one person listens to it or a thousand I don’t care it fuels me. I get excited to do these. I love doing them.

We want to get rid of stuff because that is clouding up our lives; stuff reduces our quality of life. We wake up in the morning, and we get down when we think of all of the stuff we have to get done, and none of it we want to do.

Then there are those few things that just a mere thought of them excites you. Your energy goes up just thinking about them. You can’t wait to get to that matter, and you want to push everything else to the side because you want to do it so bad.

Those things that are just stuff get in the way and diminish the quality of our life. We need to start doing those things that give energy, and man life gets exciting. I learned this concept from Dan Sullivan he is phenomenal.

Increase Energy

The most exciting thing that I realized was the more I get rid of stuff, the more energy I get. I can find more time in the day. I can accomplish so much more because I’m excited and energized to do it.

I’m able to go from one thing to the next, full of energy. I don’t get that four o’clock depression or whatever you want to call it. I’m doing those things that give me passion, excitement and yes even more energy.

Identify Stuff

Identify five kinds of stuff in your life and then identify five energy; focus on getting rid of the stuff and add more things that give you energy.

Reduce the five (5) stuff down to only three things, give them away; have someone else do that stuff. You can teach somebody else how to do the stuff. Identify what it is and then reduce it in the next month, reduce it to three. The more stuff you keep identifying work on getting rid of it.

In conclusion, the goal is only to be doing those things that give you energy and get rid of the stuff. Focus on those things that give you that energetic passion, that drive for life.

As you get rid of stuff, it will help get rid of depression, anxiety and those negative thoughts you may be having. If it doesn’t get rid of it, you will have an increase in your energy to manage it.


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