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26 Oct 2017

High Performance Habits – Discover Purpose

Discover Your Purpose

I am reading a book by Brendon Burchard titled, ‘High-Performance Habits

A fantastic book and some amazing insight. I posted previously about the concept of ‘Focus on Your Strengths‘ on what you do the best. Brendon gave me a different insight, which I agree to some degree. He said we should not get caught up in the focus only on your strengths movement.

I was caught off guard when I first read this because it’s contrary to something that really rings true for me, but then I realized our thoughts are along the same line. It’s true that you can’t just focus on your strengths and find lasting happiness.

Lasting Happiness

Lasting happiness is much more than just focusing on your strengths.

For you to have lasting happiness you need to discover purpose, your purpose. Some people may call this your ‘Why’, but it’s all the same, purpose.

Discover Purpose

You may not know what this is? You may be thinking to yourself, “I’ve been trying to figure this out my entire life.” I hope to help you discover this by one simple exercise: Go Talk to Someone or even send me a private message and start the communication like this.

Dear Tony,

I love …

You complete the rest but don’t give me platitudes or standard lingo. I want you to seriously write me a letter telling me about things you love to do. What is the thing that you get really excited about? What was it that made you start to light up and become passionate as you write about it?

(You can write a letter to me at the bottom of this article.)

Conversation, What You Talk About

Too many times, our conversations are fake, they don’t get into real communication; you talk about the weather, sports, etc… If you love weather or sports, great, this may be the thing you want to pursue more otherwise it’s usually just filler conversation.

You’re Amazing, Rise Up and realize your potential.

Motivational Speaker & Personal Improvement Coach Tony Rhoton 801.787.5765

I strongly recommend you getting a copy of these books. They are eye opening!

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