Rise Up Out of the Ashes of Your Past

08 Mar 2018

Creating Happiness

Creating Happiness; Pursuit of Happiness

I have been going through a process trying to figure I am doing this. Why do I want to help teens, adults, and families find hope, happiness, and purpose of life? In this process, I did some journaling, and I would like to share some of it with you:

Q: Who is it that I want to help?

A: Teens, Adults, and Families

Q: Why do you want to help teens?

A: There are a lot of problems and challenges in the world. I see too many teens suffer from depression, anxiety and overwhelm. They need to know how to manage and process those feelings. The more they manage the negative emotions they have, the better they can find joy happiness, love, and purpose in life. The more they see joy and happiness, the more healing and purpose they will experience so that they can help others.

Q: Why do you want to help teens experience more happiness?

A: Joy and happiness come from creation, and as human beings, we are the ultimate creators. Creators find immense happiness, creating a vision, building their life. Establishing love, safety, which eliminates the pain, headache, and suffering. Yes, it’s possible to when we are in creation mode.

If a person can focus on creating even small successes in life, happiness, joy, and love abound.

Q: A lot of people would say you have a boring life, what is it that you do?

A: I love my life. It’s simple, but I love it. I don’t fancy traveling around the world right now. Right now I am enjoying taking care of my family, those I mentor and my chickens. I love teaching techniques and speaking about skills that can promote healing. However, most of all, I love watching each person I work with transform.

Q: Why do you like watching those you mentor go through a transformation?

A: It’s what life is all about, being the best we can be, helping others and enjoying the journey. When someone transforms, you see them change from who they were to someone different. It’s not like they become a different person, but they become a happier, healthier, more confident person. They become creators, and you see the light in their eyes shine brightly as they help others.

I’ve watched someone who was depressed, suicidal, feeling like there was no purpose to life completely change. She became a confident, empowering, encouraging individual and now she’s spreading it to her friends.

When you help one person, you help generations.


In summary, This process of trying to understand why I am doing what I am doing was a phenomenal experience. I recognized that an essential part of what I need to do is help you become a creator. I can help you become a creator by letting go of your past struggles and challenges and empower you for the future. If you discover how to utilize your past as a force to push you, doors of joy, hope, and healing open up all around you.

I hope you realize you’re amazing, believe it.

Please go out and create something today.


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