Chunking Things Down

Powerful Exercise of Chunking Things Down

As a Life Mentor, I’m ecstatic about teaching you the process of chunking things down so you can get things accomplished. Today I talk about how I implemented chunking things down in my life. I needed to take care of the woodchips that were in my driveway, so I had to figure out what needed to be done. In my case, there were a few things that needed to happen first:

Breaking Down My Process

  1. I needed to get the retaining wall completed first.
    1. Gather the wood.
    2. Get rebar.
    3. Purchase drill bits.
  2. The next thing was to put up the brick lining on the opposite side.
    1. Get cinder block.
    2. Outline path.
    3. Stabilize cinder block.
  3. Move woodchips.
    1. Get Wheelbarrow and all necessary tools.

The process I listed above was how I chunked it down so I would not be so overwhelmed.

Look at the things in your life and start chunking them down. I recommend working 1 hour and take a 10-minute break and then repeat the process.

Steps to Chunk Down Your Process

The chunking process is simple, here are the steps:

  1. Identify the project or the item to be worked on.
  2. Recognize the tools that you will need; the tools could be a pen a paper, etc.
  3. Imagine the project finished and broke it down, working backward.
  4. Start. After you have identified the smaller pieces, start working on one of these chunks for 10 minutes at a time.
    1. Set a timer to work on it for ten minutes and then stop. You can work on it again in about 1 hour but for only 10-minutes at a time.

This process of chunking things down and then working on those chunks for ten minutes will help you to avoid overwhelm. You will notice the chunks getting completed and soon the project will be done.

I have implemented this process many times in my life and completed books, physical projects, and spiritual goals, too. You can apply what I call the Power of Ten today.

You’re amazing, realize it!

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