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Steps to Best Year Ever

10 Steps on How to Have the Best Year Ever Having the Best Year Ever! I am going to introduce you to one of the most powerful exercises and techniques that I teach my students to have the best year ever. This simple technique changed my life forever, and I want to share it with […]

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Interrupt Thoughts

Change Your Life by Interrupting Your Thoughts Yesterday I was confronted by someone that said, “You’re giving people false hope. You can’t change your life like you’re talking about.” The information I share with you will change your life if you implement it. She was right, but she was also wrong. I can’t change somebody’s […]

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Changing Behaviors

4 Necessary Steps to Change Behaviors There are many behaviors that we have that we might want to change. For example, biting nails, picking nose, drinking, swearing, etc… Whatever the behavior is there are some steps we must take to replace them. Here are four steps you must take to change behaviors: Identify – You […]

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interrupt negative cycles

Life Cycles

How to Interrupt Negative Cycles in Life Do you have a cycle in your life that keeps repeating its self? Maybe it’s in relationships, behaviors, goals, or business? You’re not alone. The more I have been mentoring and also paying attention and being more aware; I realize cycles happen all of the time. The cycle […]

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Stop! Focus on What You Can Control. One of the critical components of life is to learn how to acknowledge what you can and cannot control. I have watched many women and men struggle and get frustrated with things in their life. The odd thing is that a lot of the stuff they people get frustrated […]

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Childhood School Story

You’re Smart

You Determine You’re Smart, Not School! When I was a Junior in high school, I was taking a placement skills test. Let me go on record with saying how much I dislike bubble tests. I digress. The test was almost finished, first completed science, math and now I had to take the reading/English test. However, I […]

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Reroute the Trigger

Thoughts – Emotions – Triggers – Action – Results Use Triggers to Create Positive Results One of the challenges we have in life is the way we react to stimuli. Stimulation can happen in many ways, physical, emotional, mental, visual and even verbal. When the stimulus happens, you have a natural reaction sometimes the response is […]

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Unfinished Conversations

9 Steps to Let Go of the Negative Baggage and Mental Weight You’ve Carried for Years! You have a lot of baggage, and you may not realize it. Do you ever feel like no matter what you try to do, you are not able to achieve your goals? These unfinished conversations and frustration is the […]

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Tips to Improve Self-Esteem

Ten Tips to Improve Your Self-esteem I wanted to talk with you about self-worth, but when I looked up the definition of self-worth, self-esteem is listed as the reference. “Improving one’s self-confidence and value.” Wow, this is so vital that I am inspired to continue to keep going over this. You aren’t doing the things […]

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Internal Footprints

Don’t Allow Emotional Footprints in Your Room I would like to take you on a visualization exercise today. Imagine yourself sitting in a room of a gorgeous house. This room you’re sitting in is peaceful. You’re surrounded by walls of white, and soft gray tones, a soft white carpet, gold trim, large stained glass that […]

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