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facing fears


Face Your Fears – Achieve Your Greatness I have been putting this off a bit. I realize I need to just talk about some of the things that I’m struggling with right now and it’s that big four letter word and no, I’m not talking about the bad word. I’m talking about how important it […]

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feeling value

Value Inside

Value is inside of you and others are waiting for you to realize it. You can have so much and be so much more than what you are. My goal is to help you break free from the chains that are holding you back. The changes that we focus on: Improve your mindset. Changing your […]

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denying emotions

Denying Emotions

Denying Emotions Increase Pain, Frustration, and Depression When you first start facing your #emotions, you may not want to acknowledge them or even deny that they exist. You’ll tell yourself lies like you can’t handle them. The other thing you may do is #suppress your emotions, pushing them down and burying them. Today I talk […]

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Why? What?

Why am I Doing This and What’s the Purpose? I have been undergoing some serious introspection and asking this question, “Why am I doing this?” and “What is my purpose?” These two questions have helped me put things into perspective. Recently, I have had several Facebook friends say, “I’m done. I’m not going to be […]

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Interrupt Thoughts

Change Your Life by Interrupting Your Thoughts Yesterday I was confronted by someone that said, “You’re giving people false hope. You can’t change your life like you’re talking about.” The information I share with you will change your life if you implement it. She was right, but she was also wrong. I can’t change somebody’s […]

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Belief In God

Belief in God or a Higher Power I have always been amazed at how some people allow themselves to be offended by others belief. The whole Christmas issue floors me. If you’re offended by somebody else’s belief, you need to strengthen your own. Today’s article is going to be a spiritual one. I will refer […]

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Self-Esteem Hero Board

Hero Board

Help Your Children Develop a Strong Self-Esteem in a Suicide World In today’s society, there are too many children that end their life because of low self-esteem or feeling worthless. It breaks my heart and I want to do my part to help them so I started trying to get speaking assignments at schools. While I […]

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interrupt negative cycles

Life Cycles

How to Interrupt Negative Cycles in Life Do you have a cycle in your life that keeps repeating its self? Maybe it’s in relationships, behaviors, goals, or business? You’re not alone. The more I have been mentoring and also paying attention and being more aware; I realize cycles happen all of the time. The cycle […]

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Childhood School Story

You’re Smart

You Determine You’re Smart, Not School! When I was a Junior in high school, I was taking a placement skills test. Let me go on record with saying how much I dislike bubble tests. I digress. The test was almost finished, first completed science, math and now I had to take the reading/English test. However, I […]

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Reroute the Trigger

Thoughts – Emotions – Triggers – Action – Results Use Triggers to Create Positive Results One of the challenges we have in life is the way we react to stimuli. Stimulation can happen in many ways, physical, emotional, mental, visual and even verbal. When the stimulus happens, you have a natural reaction sometimes the response is […]

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