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19 Jun 2019
making decisions

Making Decisions

Are You Making the Right Decision? This question about making decisions is a paralyzing question, because you might be afraid of making the wrong decision. If you follow the process I’ve outlined below, you may start making decisions easier and without all of the frustration. My name is Tony Rhoton, and I’m here to help […]

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12 Jun 2019
manage Depression


Understanding Depression & How to Get Out of It! I just got back from an incredible conference over the weekend with my mentor, Kirk Duncan. He’s phenomenal. And one of the things that came up multiple times with the people I met is depression. I didn’t realize how prevalent it is. What’s interesting, as I’ve […]

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28 May 2019
embrace challenges

Embrace Challenges

Who Moved My Cheese – Embracing Challenges to Bring Joy Good morning, for a lot of you right now, it might be kind of a frustrating morning because now your whole schedule is chaotic. And how did it go chaotic? Your children are home for the summer and now comes new challenges. Ahhhhhh! There’s a […]

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16 May 2019
respect women


Too many children do not show their parents and specifically their mothers respect. This creates a problem later in life because this lack of respect continues on to their spouse and children.

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14 May 2019
Visualize Negative Emotions Let Go

Visualizing Emotions

Visualize Your Negative Emotions to Let Go Today I share a technique that I have been using with the women I work with and also my children to let go of emotions. I help them to visualize the pain or emotion. This technique is powerful and easy to do; however, it will take some practice […]

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30 Apr 2019
pregnancy emotions

Pregnancy Emotions

Managing Emotions of Pregnancy – How to Keep Going! There are many emotions that you feel when you’re pregnant. Learning how to manage the emotions of pregnancy like postpartum depression, anxiety, overwhelm, fear and frustration is challenging but possible. It’s astounding to me the miracle of children and childbirth. I’ve watched my spectacular wife give […]

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23 Apr 2019
stop hate

Stop Hate

Stop Hate Know Where You’re Going Hate destroys you more than it does getting revenge. Too many times we don’t manage our emotions and emotions manage us. We are reactive instead of proactive in controlling them. Today’s video and podcast I’m comparing the movie, “Miracle” with life. Miracle is a Disney movie about the 1980 […]

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18 Apr 2019
parent responsibility

Parent Responsibility

Parenting Responsibility or Children’s Responsibility? Sometimes it can seem fuzzy about our responsibilities as a parent versus the child. What’s the responsibility of the parent or accountability of the child? You probably get a lot of advice from friends and family. You’re probably tired of it and especially don’t want to read or listen to […]

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16 Apr 2019
har decisions

Making Tough Choices

Getting Rid of the Dogs in Life – Making Tough Choices and Hard Decisions I’m faced with one of the hardest decisions and the toughest choice I’ve had to make in my life, which inspired this post and video. Last night, my daughter was bit by our dog that we got at Christmas. Unfortunately, she […]

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11 Apr 2019
get rid anger

Get Rid of Anger

There are too many times that we allow our emotions to drive us instead of us staying in control. The technique I share in today’s video addresses how we can stay in control. If you don’t manage your emotions they will manage you. Managing your emotions is easier than you think and with this technique, […]

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