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19 Mar 2019
stop before you react

Stop Gather Go

Before You React – Stop, Gather and Go The concept of, ‘Stop, Gather and Go’ is critical when you are going to have a crucial conversation or react to a situation. As you prepare to communicate or react to something your child, family, co-worker, boss or loved one has said or done, implement this strategy […]

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14 Mar 2019
facing your problems

Facing Problems

How do you face problems challenges and struggles? Today I wanted to share with you my method of dealing with challenges and struggles that I face. When you implement this method of dealing with a challenge, you stay in creative reparative and healing mode. The method of facing your challenges and struggles is with laughter […]

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12 Mar 2019

Responding to Your Child

What do you do when your child says, “I Want to Die?” Today I’m sharing an experience I had and I regret it so I’m sharing openly to help you. I hope you don’t make the same mistake. However, if you have overreacted to this question or any other, you can repair it. I had […]

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07 Mar 2019

Avoid Manipulation

Be Aware of these Five Forms of Manipulation to Avoid Being Manipulated 5 Forms of Manipulation to Avoid – How to avoid being manipulated by knowing these 5 forms of manipulation so that you can be aware of them and not do them yourself, or be used on you: Force – using fear, and anger […]

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05 Mar 2019
clarify your vision

Vision Clarity

Clarify Your Vision and Dream to Acheive It Faster. I was listening to a marketing podcast this morning, and I was hit by something that was a powerful concept for everyone, not just marketing. Here’s the idea, ‘Your message must be clear.’ This makes sense when you think about it from a marketing perspective. Your […]

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01 Mar 2019
Be a Parent

Be a Parent

Your Child Needs a Parent, Not a Friend If you are feeling shame, please realize you’re not bad, and it’s okay. When your child was born, you were not given a manual on how to raise your child. Instead, you were handed diapers, a blanket and a bill saying good luck. (ha ha ha) The […]

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21 Feb 2019

Audio Sample

Here’s an edited down audio sample of a presentation that Tony did for a domestic violence group. His presentation was focused on helping the attendees leave behind past thoughts and negative beliefs and change their mind and life to new and empowering thoughts and beliefs.

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20 Feb 2019
analyze life

Life Analyzed

Analyze Your Life and Improve I count my blessings continuously. Recently, I have been analyzing my life in detail, in more detail than I ever have. I have been going through a program called Lifebook, which is intense, walking you through each aspect of your life and causing you to create a premise, vision, purpose […]

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12 Feb 2019
lift others

Lift Up

Climb to Higher Ground and Lift Others In the process of improving myself, I have realized a very important truth: “If I want to lift others up, I have to be on higher ground. It is a lot more enjoyable to be on the higher ground with others.” Tony Rhoton Being on higher ground does […]

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06 Feb 2019
have fun


The Lesson We Can Learn from Dogs and Children – Have Fun! Last night we got dumped on from above, we have more snow than I have seen in American Fork in the past 20 years, it’s awesome. We got a dog for Christmas and when I let the dog outside, he took off. He […]

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