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facing fears


Face Your Fears – Achieve Your Greatness I have been putting this off a bit. I realize I need to just talk about some of the things that I’m struggling with right now and it’s that big four letter word and no, I’m not talking about the bad word. I’m talking about how important it […]

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Improve Your Relationships

 Improve Your Relationships; Change Your Mindset Yesterday, I said good morning on this fabulous day, and the response I received back was, “Ugh, you call this a good day. It’s cold and snowing. I hate the snow.” I was caught off guard at first because of their pessimistic attitude, which got me thinking about our […]

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Do Something Different

Change Requires Doing Something Different You can’t expect things to change if you keep doing the same thing over and over. Yesterday I posted a video on self-esteem and a course that I’m putting together to help people have complete self-esteem. There’s a lot of time, money and energy going into this course and I […]

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Facing Fear

Facing Fear By Taking Action A few weeks ago was my birthday and my wife surprised me with a trip to an Olympic Park. We took our children with us and one of the things I faced, was my fear. I stared it in the face. How did I stare fear in the face? I […]

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Connection, Connection, Connection – We Need It! Sometimes our light dims and but is blown again into instant flame by an encounter with another human being. – Albert Schweitzer The need and desire for human connection are innate and critical. Left alone, and you will die, so it’s no wonder that God has created chemicals […]

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Stop! Focus on What You Can Control. One of the critical components of life is to learn how to acknowledge what you can and cannot control. I have watched many women and men struggle and get frustrated with things in their life. The odd thing is that a lot of the stuff they people get frustrated […]

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personal values

Values Foundation

Increase Your Personal Values – Build a Solid Foundation How many times have your personal values been tested? Did you compromise your standards to please someone else or because you felt uncomfortable? Your values define who you are and what you stand for; they give you a foundation to build upon. Your values help to […]

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Not working out

Frustrated It’s Not Working Out?

 Are You Frustrated Because Things Are NOT Working Out? I woke up at 3:30 am this morning and just lied in bed and I couldn’t fall back to sleep so I finally got up. Instead of being frustrated and angry, I sat down and asked Heavenly Father (my Higher Power), “What do you want me […]

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Gratitude – Story of Panyee

Gratitude of Panyee – Pursue Your Dreams In 1986 11 of Koh Panyee’s boys decided they wanted to play soccer but there was a problem, they lived on water. The village laughed at them and said, “Do you realize we’re on water?” Koh Panyee is a village built on water, no land that could be […]

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Take Action

Don’t keep learning, take action on what you have learned.  

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