How to Build Your Self-Esteem

How to Build Your Worth; Build Your Self Esteem; Build Your Value

Today’s quick training is about building your self-worth, self-esteem and your value. You are infinite worth and it’s my goal to help you build your self-esteem and your value. You are enough.

Every woman I have met impresses me at how much they can do and how well they do it. They are doing phenomenal things in their life, raising children, helping at schools, nurturing, supporting, nursing and working. They can do so much and yet still connect with others. With all of their accomplishments, I would think they are invincible; however, these same women feel like they have no value or worth.

Here are some of the feelings from women that I’m getting:

  • I’m not:
    • good enough.
    • worthy of…
    • smart.
  • I have no
    • value.
    • purpose.

The list goes on and on. How could God’s greatest creation feel this way about herself? After hearing all of this, I am determined to do my part to help you. You’re reading this still, so you’re ready to make some changes.

Simple Healing Opportunity

Please do not discount the simplicity of this exercise for building your self-esteem and to changing your life forever. When I’m mentoring someone, I start with this exercise which starts the process of healing. It’s simple and easy to do but aides in helping to build your worth.

Step 1 – Get Poster Board

Get a poster board, something larger than a standard sheet of paper.

Step 2 – Draw Silhouette

Draw an outline of a silhouette. You can draw any silhouette you want. You can draw a gymnast silhouette, someone flexing, standing on one leg, it does not matter. The important thing is to get the silhouette that represents you.

Step 3 – Write, ‘I Am’

Above the silhouette write the words, “I Am.”

Step 4 – Fill

Fill in the outline with the words you would like people to describe you as. These are positive words like talented, smart, intelligent, problem solver, etc. These are the words that you would like friends and family to use to describe you to a stranger.

Step 5 – Mark It

After you have completely filled in your silhouette, pay attention to comments you start to receive that are inside of your outline. As you hear the comments made, remember who said it and mark it on your poster every night. Draw a line from the word outside of the edge of the silhouette to the name of the person who said it. Do this for every word in your silhouette.

Step 6 – Look

Look at your poster every morning when you wake up and every night before going to bed for at least 1 minute. Read the, ‘I Am,’ and the rest of the words inside your silhouette. This simple little exercise will help you build your worth.

Bonus Steps

If you want to take this opportunity to the next level, here are some bonus steps.

Step 7 – Implementation

Every day of the week, change the way you read the poster. Here are some examples of how to read it:

  1. Epic voice, loud and proud.
  2. Soft voice, quite as a mouse.
  3. Use an accent to say it.
  4. Squeaky Voice, like a little child.
  5. Sing it.

By implementing different ways of saying it, you are training your brain to accept these new positive characteristics, improving your self-esteem and worth. The more you can get your mind to start receiving these words, the faster you can start experiencing the life you want.

Step 8 – Use Music

As you are reading your poster, play some beautiful, classical or non-lyric music. The music doesn’t matter as long as it’s just the instrument and no lyrics.

Please do not minimize the value of this opportunity because of its simplicity. I have seen many lives change as they start to implement these opportunities in their life. I hope you will too. Please ask any questions. I’m here to help you.

You are amazing and enough, just the way you are. This opportunity will help you be even more!

If you need help finding purpose, hope, and excitement for life, call me today.

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