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Stop! Focus on What You Can Control. One of the critical components of life is to learn how to acknowledge what you can and cannot control. I have watched many women and men struggle and get frustrated with things in their life. The odd thing is that a lot of the stuff they people get frustrated […]

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Jesus Loves You

Heavenly Father Loves You

Feeling Heavenly Father’s Love This morning when I was considering what I should share, my mind was blank, so I wrote a letter to Heavenly Father. After writing the letter, this is the inspiration I received. “Let them know I love them and I care. Tell them to look in the mirror and imagine me […]

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How to Handle the Topic of Pornography with Your Spouse and Children The mere mention of the word pornography sends shivers down backs, makes grown men and women cry and children shut down. Pornography should be discussed around the table because if you don’t, that’s when the dangers of pornography rear their ugliness. I have […]

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Childhood School Story

You’re Smart

You Determine You’re Smart, Not School! When I was a Junior in high school, I was taking a placement skills test. Let me go on record with saying how much I dislike bubble tests. I digress. The test was almost finished, first completed science, math and now I had to take the reading/English test. However, I […]

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Reroute the Trigger

Thoughts – Emotions – Triggers – Action – Results Use Triggers to Create Positive Results One of the challenges we have in life is the way we react to stimuli. Stimulation can happen in many ways, physical, emotional, mental, visual and even verbal. When the stimulus happens, you have a natural reaction sometimes the response is […]

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Can You Handle Change


Can You Handle the Change Change exists but can you handle it? Recently I was on social media, and there’s a lot of drama going on in politics, spiritual beliefs, etc… I am always told, “Never mix religion, politics, and business.” I completely disagree! If your religion, is part of you, how can you separate […]

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I Love You

I Hope Love is Fused into Your Life; I Love You! This article is a personal note to you. I love you. You may be thinking, you don’t know me, and although that may be true to some extent, I still know you. You’ve got a lot you want to accomplish in life, and unfortunately, your […]

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I love myself

I Love Myself Upgrade Part 3

Today we implement part 3 of the #ILoveMyself Challenge I have been discussing the value of the #ILoveMyself Challenge, which started out as a simple technique. You can learn more about this simple technique here, but I’ll summarize it here. I call it the 15-5-15 exercise. Wake up, and the first thing you do is tell […]

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ILoveMyself Challenge Part 2

(#ILoveMyself) I Love Myself Challenge Part 2 Today I discuss the next phase of the I Love Myself Challenge to upgrade your life. I Love myself is a powerful tool that will change your life forever. Part One of the #ILoveMyself Challenge The first part of the challenge was to say: “I Love Myself“ 15 times […]

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Have Courtesy for Yourself Courtesy involves three main pillars that I want to address: Respect, Apology and Avoid Embarrassing others. Imagine you’re at an office party and your boss comes up to you and offers you a drink; however, you don’t drink, what do you do? Respect Part of being courteous and showing courtesy is […]

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