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Coping Strategies


Coping is All I Can Do Somedays It’s one of those days, you roll over and look at the clock and dread starts flowing over and through you. The thought of getting out of bed is unbearable. Realizing you don’t have any desire to get out of bed, you put the pillow over your head […]

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Tips to Improve Self-Esteem

Ten Tips to Improve Your Self-esteem I wanted to talk with you about self-worth, but when I looked up the definition of self-worth, self-esteem is listed as the reference. “Improving one’s self-confidence and value.” Wow, this is so vital that I am inspired to continue to keep going over this. You aren’t doing the things […]

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personal boundaries

Personal Boundaries

You Need to Establish Personal Boundaries and Emotional Boundaries Today was a powerful experience regarding personal boundaries. I kept feeling like I need to do a video, which I normally do every Tuesday and Thursday but I kept feeling a sense of urgency so I set up my lights; wrote on the board my topic […]

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You Determine Your Value

Determine Your Value

You Determine Your Value and Worth The other day, I was feeling so excited about everything that I am doing in life. My motivation was at its highest. Nothing could knock me down, so I thought? I was looking at some questions and comments on my page and the value people were getting out of my […]

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Not working out

Frustrated It’s Not Working Out?

 Are You Frustrated Because Things Are NOT Working Out? I woke up at 3:30 am this morning and just lied in bed and I couldn’t fall back to sleep so I finally got up. Instead of being frustrated and angry, I sat down and asked Heavenly Father (my Higher Power), “What do you want me […]

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Higher Level Conversation

Influence Your Children Without Them Knowing It! Recently I talked with a mom that said, “It’s too late for me.” After listening to her a little more, she is referring to it’s too late to influence her children any more. However, it’s not, if you have a higher level of conversation. A higher level conversation […]

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feeling broken and worthless

Feeling Worthless – Janes Story

Jane’s Story of Feeling Worthless and How She Overcame It I would like to share a story, altered a little to protect confidentiality but the concept is based on a true story about Jane feeling worthless. Meet Jane; she’s an amazing, beautiful and talented young lady in her 50’s. In the world’s eyes, she’s the […]

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Valuable Lesson Learned – Control Temper

Parenting Tip: Valuable Lesson Learned Over the Weekend In my communication with my children, I let them know they need to help me out. I told them we were going to do one hr of weeding, besides feeling like they were going to die all was going well, until… I was working on removing a junk […]

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Internal Footprints

Don’t Allow Emotional Footprints in Your Room I would like to take you on a visualization exercise today. Imagine yourself sitting in a room of a gorgeous house. This room you’re sitting in is peaceful. You’re surrounded by walls of white, and soft gray tones, a soft white carpet, gold trim, large stained glass that […]

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This video is a brief description of being mindful. Read below to learn how to improve your mindfulness. How to Live a Mindful Life You’re walking into a store, and it happens, you get triggered by something. A trigger can come in many ways, it could be emotional, physical, visual, smell, etc. The temptation to […]

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