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30 Aug 2018
Be Still - Meditate - Listen

Be Still – Meditate – Listen

Experience the Power: Be Still – Meditate – Listen

How many times do you feel exhausted by noon and you just barely woke up? What chaos is going on around you? Through all of this chaos, have you taken any time to Be Still?

Your ability to manage life comes down to your ability to control you. If you are frantic, your life will be frantic; however, if you take the time to Be Still, you can manage your life without feeling out of control.

I want to introduce this concept and how to implement it in three stages.

Stage 1 – Be Still


You must relax, find a quiet place, no music, no noise. I know this is probably harder than breaking into Fort Knox but try to find the most peaceful place. With all of the noise that’s around us, your thoughts are like a jet that flies in and out. Finding a quiet location is one of the best things you can do for your health.

Stage 2 – Meditate 5 Minutes

helicopter mind

I just heard the groan as you read this word. Learn to embrace this concept. When you meditate, you’re allowing your body to heal. Try implementing a self-awareness meditation technique. How this works is you choose two to three short sentences that you can say over and over. As you are saying these sentences over and over, your mind will start to think of other things, gently bring your thoughts back to your sentences.

The sentences you choose should be positive so that you can get the healing you need. Here’s a couple of sentences I use:

  • I Love Myself.
  • I Am Amazing.

These are the sentences I say over and over in my mind for 5 minutes, being mindful of what my thoughts are doing.

Stage 3 – Listen & Enlightenment

listening mind

After you have meditated and put healing words into your body, listen. Listen to the feelings, promptings, and thoughts that come to you. Heed the positive thoughts and feelings, and let go of any negative thoughts.

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Tony Rhoton, Mentor, Coach, and Speaker




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