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07 Mar 2019

Avoid Manipulation

Be Aware of these Five Forms of Manipulation to Avoid Being Manipulated

5 Forms of Manipulation to Avoid – How to avoid being manipulated by knowing these 5 forms of manipulation so that you can be aware of them and not do them yourself, or be used on you:

  • Force – using fear, and anger to get what they manipulator wants.
  • Kindness – using kindness with emotion to achieve what is desired.
  • Direct third-party – speaking to someone else in hopes the person you want to get the message hears you.
  • Physical – using physicality to get what is wanted.
  • Rewards – using gifts to get what is wanted. These forms of manipulation are used all of the time.

I share these manipulation techniques with you so you can be mindful and aware so you don’t use them or be used by them. I want you to analyze your relationships to determine if and how you may be being manipulated. You’re amazing. Update: I will be posting an addendum to this video that hit me powerfully to share with you.



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