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Tony Rhoton – Personal Improvement Speaker & Coach

Always Serving and Helping Others

As far back as Tony can remember, he has been helping people. He would help teachers at school, not because of being rewarded, but because he liked watching them be happy. He was trusted and looked to as a resource.

Tony recounts a story that was told to his mother from Mr. Cox one of Tony’s 5th Grade teachers. “Lorna, that’s my mom’s name, I have to tell you something about your son. He is the most trustworthy young man that I know. I know I could give him one million dollars and ask him to take it somewhere, and I wouldn’t worry. I know every cent would get there.”

Tony recalls after hearing this story; it strengthened his resolve always to have the highest integrity and never discredit his families name.

Magnet for Communication

Tony continues, “I was like a magnet for people talking to me. Everywhere I went, even to work with people I didn’t know, they would start telling me their problems, challenges, and struggles.” A saying he would hear regularly was, “I don’t know why I’m telling you all of this but I feel like I can.”

“It made me feel fantastic. I had a purpose from a very early stage of life.”

I would have girlfriends call me up and ask if they could talk. I would just listen. I would then speak. I rarely remember what I said, but they would always say, “Thank you. I needed that.”

From an early age in his life, Tony has always tried to help everyone he comes in contact with. Of course, he was still a boy and caused mischief or unfortunately would do some mean things. He remembers one instance where he teased a kid.

One Event That Changed His Life Forever

“I was 12-14 years old, and I remember playing basketball with this kid. He was a new kid, and I remember saying mean and hateful things. To this day, I wished I could remember that kid’s name and apologize directly to him. That experience, at a young age, has changed my life. I saw how it hurt him and vowed I would never intentionally hurt another individual.”

“After this experience of being mean to the kid mentioned above, and making a resolve never to hurt another person, I was a magical force pulling people into my life to help. My family would come to me. Friends would come to me; strangers would even start telling me things.  They looked for my guidance in helping to sort out problems, if possible. I would listen, comfort and empower them. I would not judge them. I would encourage them by letting them know that I was there for them and they could always talk to me.

If you ask my older brothers though, I was a pain in the butt. I’m not perfect. 🙂 ”

New Direction in Life

After graduating from college, Tony started working for Neways and then several design firms. In 2000, Tony started his marketing and design company. He based his business principles on promoting the company, not just a product.

He witnessed company after company succeeding, which helped him gain confidence and trust in what he was doing. However, in 2007 Tony was introduced to InnerGold, an organization that helped porn addicts.

He was approached by a friend to see if he would be willing to help InnerGold. Tony share’s his experience.

“I agreed to look at the company, and if I like it, I’ll help. If I don’t like it, I won’t. I looked it over and was blown away. The information that was in the manuals was something we all need, not just addicts. I was hooked. I immediately started helping InnerGold become a brand worldwide. That was incredible. I watched people’s lives change, and I noticed a spark ignite within myself to help more and more people struggling with porn addiction.


However, my path was not to stay there. The partnership dissolved and I opened up a new clinic with a different business partner, YES Clinics. We started with helping young men, and now it has grown to a systemic family healing approach. We rarely work with just the individual who may be struggling and work with the entire family. Again, I kept witnessing people finding tremendous healing, and the flame that ignited with InnerGold has become a raging furnace.

Tony describes his role, “I love helping all of the people at YES, doing my part. I’m the behind the scenes guy, business and marketing strategies. I will answer the phones too, and I love it. I would help the individual calling on the phone, feel hope. I enjoyed answering the phones; however, I was not able to get the other things that I needed to do, done.”

Divine Inspiration

After answering the phone and hearing how so many people want help but just couldn’t afford it, I decided I would start sharing the things I knew so more people could find hope and healing. I started a Facebook group called, ‘You’re Amazing.’ My passion continues to grow, and that’s why I finally decided I would start my brand. I want to help people, and eventually, I’ll figure out how I can provide for my family through all of this, but this is the path Heavenly Father is taking me, and I love it!”

Tony is constantly looking for ways to help teens and adults find hope in this world.

Tony is available for speaking, consulting and looks forward to helping everyone he meets find hope and feeling empowered for the future. In his seminars, he shares actionable steps for improving life, while enjoying the incredible journey.

You will come away feeling hope for the future and actions knowing how.

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