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You’ve struggled with confidence in your decisions, insecurities and finding value within yourself. You’ve cried yourself to sleep over and over again, and you’re tired of it. You may be wondering, why, what is all this for? What is the purpose of this life? Would it be better if I was gone?

These questions, are scary and unfortunately too familiar. If you keep doing what you’re doing right now, nothing will change, and the problem may get worse.

It pains me to see you suffer when I know you don’t have too. You owe it to yourself and others to be happy. I know you think this is impossible and only plausible in a dream; however, this is NOT true. You can be happy. The joy that you can experience when you know what to do to get rid of pain from the past is one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself and others. When you move forward with confidence, determination, and purpose, your possibilities are endless.

As a mentor (guide), I want to help you find hope, confidence, safety, value, and purpose in your life!

You may be thinking, “How is this guy going to help me?” All I can say is read the testimonials of others and their experiences and concerns. I don’t want you to suffer longer than you already have, call me 801.787.5765 or click on the schedule button to start healing today.

You Matter so Let Me Help You Discover Your Value and Find Your Purpose.

You Are Amazing!

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He has an uncanny ability to extract from you and help you discover what your own personal “best” might be and find the ultimate balance. Tony showed skills in knowing the right questions to ask and having the right tools and techniques to empower me to find those answers within myself.

… his consistent presence and encouragement was a healthy daily reminder and kept me on focus and constantly moving forward….” – Tina

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